Giving birth can be powerful and peaceful, exhilarating and exhausting…. a wonderfully complex experience.

A doula is the safekeeper of the birthing woman’s experience. A doula provides physical and emotional comfort, creating a safe space for the laboring woman to give birth how she wants, with the support she needs.

I am deeply honored to do this work.

Please browse my site to find out more about my doula services and how I can support you in your birth.

A New Project – PervMom

Perv Mother Series – has just launched and it’s already becoming a popular destination for all lovers of giving birth. Why? Probably because of its genre of content. With PervMom you are about to discover the secret stories of your favorite sexual fantasies, before your baby is born. In today’s world, it means a lot to married couples. Sounds intriguing? And you need to see this – for example on this official video tube.