I became a doula after experiencing birth first-hand: a daughter and two sons. I remember the weariness after many long hours of labor with my firstborn and the roar with which she was finally born; I remember catching my second child with my own two hands, reaching down and lifting his small warm body out of the water and immediately to my chest; I remember the song I sang to my third baby during our fast and intense labor, and the laughter after his birth. I remember such incredible feelings of power and accomplishment and gratitude and total, absolute bliss.

Mothers will always remember with vividness the births of their children. Doulas are, in the simplest sense, women helping other women during this intimate and uniquely female event. Doulas do not replace fathers or partners or doctors or midwives; they work alongside them, providing professional support in the form of prenatal preparation, physical and emotional comfort during labor, and postpartum assistance with breastfeeding and newborn care.

This work – of journeying with a woman as she becomes a mother, whether for the first or the fourth time – is written on my heart. I am trained and certified through DONA International, the world’s largest professional association for doulas. Before relocating to Will County, I worked for Birthways, Chicago’s largest community of labor & postpartum doulas. I have volunteered with Chicago Volunteer Doulas, providing support for women who would not otherwise have access to doula care, as well as Operation Special Delivery, providing volunteer doulas for women whose military partners will be deployed or unable to attend the birth.

I reside with my family in Lockport, Illinois, and serve the southwest and west suburbs.